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  • Great Egret in nuptial display. Rio Lagartos. width:320;;height:480
  • A pair of Great Egrets at their nest. Rio Lagartos.<br /> width:640;;height:426
  • American Flamingos feeding. Rio Lagartos. width:600;;height:421
  • American Flamingos feeding. Rio Lagartos. width:400;;height:442
  • White Ibis and Boat-billed Heron. Rio Lagartos.<br /> width:320;;height:480
  • Boat-billed Heron about to leave for its diurnal roost. Rio Lagartos. width:600;;height:400
  • Dunlin in breeding plumage. Las Coloradas Salt Ponds. width:390;;height:480
  • White-rumped Sandpiper. Las Coloradas Salt Ponds. width:640;;height:400
  • Nesting Least Tern on its cryptic eggs. Las Coloradas Salt Ponds. width:640;;height:407
  • White-tailed Hawk. Near Rio Lagartos. width:640;;height:375
  • Great Kiskadee flashing its yellow underwings. Peten Moc Boardwalk, Rio Lagartos. width:386;;height:480
  • Turquoise-browed Motmot. Near Rio Lagartos. width:640;;height:353
  • Turquoise-browed Motmot and Spiny Iguana at the nests carved into limestone by the motmots. Near Rio Lagartos. width:320;;height:480
  • Mexican Sheartail with yellow pollen on its throat. Rio Lagartos. width:395;;height:480
  • Yucatan (or Black-throated) Bobwhite. Rio Lagartos. width:400;;height:403
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